Act Normal and Attract Adult Facebook Cougars

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facebook cougarsJust "be yourself"and adult facebook women will desire you. People who don't understand our method sometimes think that we are teaching men how to be manipulative, "It's wrong to study seduction, "they whine to us. "Why can't you just be yourself?" It's a mistake to think that using the technology in this book is a substitute for being yourself. It isn't. We are not suggesting that at all. It's actually harder to get adult facebook women into bed if you are trying to be someone else. They notice, of course, that you are acting strangely.

Even if you do succeed in getting a woman into bed by hiding your true self, you won't enjoy it as much as you thought you would. You'll know that you, yourself, weren't good enough for her, and that you had to pretend to be someone else. The whole experience will hurt your self-esteem and your self-respect. We are, however, suggesting that some parts of you are more appropriate in some situations than in others. This isn't such a strange idea. After all, you probably don't swear or burp loudly in church, even if you feel like doing so. You don't put your feet up on the tablecloth at a fancy dinner party, even if you want to. And you don't come on to a woman giving you a job interview, even if it would be an expression of who you truly are at that moment. None of these actions would be appropriate to getting the outcome you desire.

But isn't that being manipulative? After all, if you find the woman at the job interview attractive but you want the job, aren't you manipulating her by not "being yourself" and asking her out?
Aren't you just "putting on airs" to try to get a job? And at church, shouldn't people like you without you having to go through all the contortions of dressing a certain way, and repressing certain kinds of behavior? Aren't you just manipulating the people there into accepting you? Shouldn't you just be able to "be yourself"? Isn't your self-expression being limited at the dinner party by not putting your feet up on the tablecloth if you want to? Shouldn't you be able to "be yourself," and be liked for that? Why should you have to manipulate everybody into liking you with all these special behaviors that might not come naturally to you? Shouldn't you be able to just "be yourself"?

Of course this makes no sense. "Being yourself" doesn't mean that you are utterly impulsive and driven by whatever behavior is most convenient for you in the moment. In different situations, you naturally bring out different parts of yourself. In church you follow a certain "code of conduct," but that shouldn't repress you. It's sim-
ply an opportunity to bring out the more formal, religious part of yourself. At the dinner party, you bring out the more cultured, sophisticated part of yourself. At the job interview, you bring out the professional part of yourself. You're not "repressed" because you don't ask her out. You are simply expressing a different part of your-
self at that moment. Our belief is this: It's critical that you bring out different parts of yourself in seduction situations than at other times in your life

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