Erotic Sexy Girl

I am young, I am juicy and I am the coolest chick you will ever get to meet.

I am a woman who was born to the land, my ancestors have been here since before even time, they live now inside each big beat of my heart and when I close my eyes and dream back into time I am given a gift for the honor of hearing those known as the Ancients.

It is the gift from the land itself and the memories it holds, a gift that can only be shown by a woman wise to the arts of making love to a man.
A gift that takes them both out of this world where we are scared of the dark and into the kingdom of pleasure found each side connected red blooded heart..

So it is the brave of heart I seek, who are strong enough to handle the blue veined truth that might is not right, nor hold we live in fear of the night, for without it how would we know that we now stand in the light, ready to discover. A way to live in peace with all that we feel and simply know what is real.


Hi I am small and sweet with a big personallity, but, I also have a very naughty appetite. Come and relax with me. I want your time with me to be such a pleasant and exciting experience that you will come back again and again. My place, your place or a hotel - the choice is yours. Call me and lets have some XXX FUN. I am now in a new comfortable and discrete apartment. Why not come and stay the night, relax, have a meal, a glass of wine, snuggle up by the TV and then have some sexy fun - or we can just go straight to the sexy fun......