Skills for Attracting Women on Facebook Of Sex

Attraction is a feeling, and just like any other feeling it goes away with time. Just like pain and pleasure you can feel it in your body.
Attraction is the feeling that you truly want something. We can go further by separating attraction into two categories: sexual attraction, towards another person, and normal attraction, towards an object or thing, like a car, a house or a job.

Here, we will concentrate on sexual attraction. Both can be created with the proper strategies. Good salesmen are able to create normal attraction in people towards whatever it is they are selling. Seducers are able to create attraction towards themselves.
As we all know sexual attraction can sometimes occur naturally with no effort. A woman talks to a guy she doesn’t know and suddenly starts feeling attraction towards him. She WANTS him. She will start to show indicators of interest towards this guy that will signal that she is interested in him. Consciously or unconsciously, she realizes that he is a guy that matches her criteria. If we reverse engineer this process we realize that we can attract a girl if we are able to recognize what she wants and convey those things.

But first, let me tell you what they for sure don’t want. They universally don’t want guys who are insecure, boring, monotone and have no sense of humor. They don’t want guys who don’t respect themselves and who are afraid to take what they want.
If this is what they don’t want, then again, by reverse engineering we can fi gure out things that they universally attracted to. The opposite of the traits above they are attracted to guys who are secure, confi dent, adventurous, expressive, funny, who have self respect and take what they want out of life.

When you talk with a girl you just met, she is going to screen you for your personality traits. She is going to fi nd out by your behavior if you are the kind of guy she is searching for or not. Every time you talk with somebody new, you are creating an image of yourself in their mind with what you do verbally and non-verbally.  Verbally by means of stories, jokes and other things that you tell them and non-verbally by the way you behave; your body language, voice, the way you move, the way you walk.
Basically, every time you talk with a new person you can be whoever you want. You just need to know how to convey the traits that you would like people to know you for. With time, they will become part of who you are so that nobody will be able tell if you were always naturally like this or if you worked to consciously achieve it.

It really doesn’t matter if you were once a nice guy or boring or something else that girls don’t like. You just need to learn how to behave differently and convey that different more positive personality you want and you can become the prince that they have been searching after for years.
On the surface level, women on facebook of sex like different things; they may like guys with brown hair, intellectuals, muscle heads, but at the deepest most important level all of them are searching for exactly same thing. Write these things down on a piece of paper and memorize them so that you can fi nd ways to convey these to every woman you want to seduce.

Seduction Switches – All women on facebook of sex are attracted to a guy who is:
Confident and not needy
Has a sense of humor
Knows what he wants
Adventurous and wild
Looks and dresses and smells nice
In control
Interesting and unpredictable
Honest and bold
Wants a relationship with her
And most important, CARES about her and thinks she is SPECIAL!!